How To Make Quality Time For Your Friends | Working Girl Problems


When it comes to most girls(speaking for myself and my friends), we love catching up with each other over coffee dates, quaint house parties and weekend lunches. But as young professionals, assuming that you(reading this) all are, we don’t exactly have the time to do these things regularly because of our overlapping schedules. It is such a shame because talking on the phone isn’t the same!

Work Out Together

Group exercises are always a good way to see friends, release some stress AND you get to burn some calories all at the same time. Some classes I would recommend to join together are Zumba, Hiphop and Spinning! In the summer months, we like having jogging dates at a relatively flat location. Exercising is also easier with a friend!

Girls Night In

You know when you are broke AF but still wanna hangout? A girls night in is the best idea that could come out of that! Each person can just bring whatever they can contribute because what’s most important is that you are all together!

Group Date Night

It can be kind of hard to juggle friendships from multiple friend groups at one time. So why not arrange a get together with all of them, like doing some archery, a hike or the classic beach trip? It could be a fun and less awkward way for your friends to meet you other friends!


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