4 Ways How To Manage Your Anxiety


Not many people realize it, but anxiety can easily ruin a person’s life. As I write this, I am about to start a new job and I am thinking about how difficult it will be juggling a full-time job, a growing business and my blog all the same time. But I know I am not alone in all of this because one third of the population experiences this horrible sickness. As impossible as it may seem, there are a few things that may help ease the worry that is just “all in your head”.

Talk to a friend

Just like writing, we sometimes need to vent out what we feel inside to someone. Let it be someone you love and trust or a therapist. So in that way, you get emotional support from some you are familiar with and can help rationalize your problem.

Get off your phone/social media

I hate the fact that Social Media only depicts the positive sides and never the negative side of a person’s life. Switching it off may relieve all those feelings of inadequacy and will stop you from comparing your life with others. 

This makes it a good reason for you to do some Netflix and Chillin’!

Write down your thoughts

I used to write journals about my day when I was in elementary and I think I just lost that spark as I grew older. It is always good to let out your feelings on paper. It allows you to just dump out all your feelings on a page without any criticism. It’ll definitely help you understand the emotions that you are feeling and probably give you a laugh when you read it a few years after(I know I did). 

Have fun a little

Find a hobby!, whether it be biking, team sports, sewing or even painting. Create your own little window of joy and laughter to overcome what emotions you are feeling once you see the symptoms.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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