How To Budget Your Money in University


Most university students in the Philippines are a matter of fact supported by their parents. And I was lucky to be supported by my parents during all 5 years of university, which I am very grateful for. But being in that sort of situation/arrangement, it made me all the more conscious of what I was spending, to not make random purchases or over spend my (sometimes non-existent)allowance. 

Keep track of what you spend | Aside from writing down every thing you spend on your tiny notebook or type it down in your notes app on your smartphone, apps like MintPenny and Wally can efficiently help track your spending habits and make you more aware of what things you spend most on. #priorities 

Eat home cooked meals | In university, I got to save a bulk of my allowance on packing home cooked lunch meals to avoid the long cafeteria lines and the relatively unhealthy food selection. So instead of spending about 200php/day(about $4), I would only spend 50php($1) for printing or some coffee to keep me wired through out the day.

Save 30%-50% of your weekly allowance | At a very young age, my parents already taught me how to save, even with a very modest allowance that I had then. With a little will power of not spending money on mid priced brunches or little knick knacks now and again, you can easy save a good amount of money and store it in your debit card or in a secret box in your flat. Don’t take any pennies for granted!

Get a part-time job | This is something I wish I had the time for in Uni but my work load wouldn’t allow me to do so. Some extra income is always good idea when you are a student, especially when you get swayed by online products advertisements(me) and makeup launches. Another way to earn some extra cash can be through freelancing in a certain field of work or having a small online business, like an Instagram shop(i’ve noticed that its a thing now).

Make wish lists | By making lists that can clearly distinguish on what things you want and actually need would definitely help your(my) erratic spending habits. This way, you can stay inspired to keep on working for that nice handbag that you’ve always wanted!(just an example)


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