The Balm Liquid lipstick review


I am currently wearing this lippie as I am writing this review. I honestly did not know that The Balm have come up with liquid lipsticks ever since I received these. But to my surprise, the wear of it is quite pleasant and comfortable.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty… The The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Loyal & Doting that I have is nice.. It is wearable, comfortable and travel friendly. But the thing for me that separates it from other liquid lipsticks is that, it has a certain menthol scent on application. I also feel a little bit of sticky-ness on my lips when I do the thing you do when you apply lipstick. But pleasantly sticky nonetheless.

In terms of product transfer, there is not so much that it would be a problem. You have to give it time to dry first until you try to kiss a baby or something. But when it comes to lasting power, I couldn’t be too sure because I have definitely tried better in my day. But this can be a good option that is readily available in the market.

If you, my readers were to ask me which of these two are my favorite, it has to be Loyal! I love a good and lasting red liquid lipstick! 



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