Top Must Haves for Summer 2017


Summer now among us! Well maybe most of us…

Here are a few bits that I like to keep in check whenever I head to the beach or travel to some place tropical.

A Versatile Bikini Top | I am a pretty basic girl. I don’t play much with prints as a whole and I love simple cuts. A solid black bikini top is always a good piece that you can mix and match with wilder prints and beachy textures. Its a bikini classic!

Cover up with some SPF! | I don’t know about you, but I wear SPF on the daily  to protect my skin from all those UV rays walking around but SPF is even more important when you are intentionally under the sun! Skip the tanning oil and cover up! Especially on your face!

A Hat | To me, there are 2 types of hats that I distinguish, a Straw Bucket Hat and a Baseball Cap. Two shapes but both have a single purpose.. to protect your face! Find what fits you!

Classic Sun Dress | Beach dresses are generally very versatile. They are made to make you look cute when you and wet and dry. Find the perfect dress design that you can just pull over your head or slide down your body. 

Sunglasses | Sunnies are a must for those who have especially sensitive eyes. Protect your sight with some sunnies that can work both in the water and on the sand. I suggest getting one that won’t make your heart sink if you lose it in the ocean.

Beach Bag | There are hundred kinds of bags out there but a beach bag emulates something so carefree and laid back. Pick something up that you can grab to bring to the beach and chic enough to bring around an airport.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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