March Favorites | Moments



This month will be a bit different from the usual beauty and skin care inspired monthly faves post. If you read one of my previous blog posts in December 2016(link here!), I mentioned that one of my fitness goals was to complete a 21K by this year.

Since about almost a year ago, I have been slowly progressing my workout stamina from long walks, slow runs and running through pacing. Last March 19, I joined a 12K race with my long time friend and running expert, Mabel. Prior to the race, I have never trained for a 12k, only the weekend before, I ran a 10k and started cramping at the end. So I really didn’t expect on doing the way I did.


Long story short, I expected to finish 12k in 2 hours, which would a lot me about 10 minutes per kilometer. But to my amazement, I finished in 1 hour and 40 minutes at a pace of 7’59” pace, which to me is quite good considering my circumstances the week before. 

TBH, I tried my best not to get too emotional at the start and end of the race because (I am such a cry baby) it was sort of a little milestone for me. I started this ‘journey’ last May 2016 with non existent stamina, fitness down the drain and zero confidence in myself. And look what less than a year of lifestyle change can do and surrounding yourself with positive people can do?!


It just shows that with an unending determination, you can achieve anything you put your heart to. 

I don’t exactly have any intention of being a triathlete or anything. Its just me setting personal goals for myself to keep me moving for a healthier life and not comparing myself to others(made a post about that too, link here!) because my progress is my progress.

In the wise words of my fave lifestyle blogger, Estee Lalonde, I am just trying to be my #PersonalBest !!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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