Bali Photo Diary

If you read till the last line of my previous post, I went on a girls trip with my best friends to Bali, Indonesia last April to celebrate our official completion of university!

This trip was all planned by my friend and I, who enjoy arranging tours, flights and searching for places to stay. This trip we took was 5 days long. We wished we could stay another week because Bali had so much more to offer than what we expected.

We decided to rent a villa through AirBnB instead of staying in a hotel for more freedom and comfort. Since we weren’t really into the whole night club scene, we spent our whole trip in the mountainous rice paddies of Ubud! #NoRegrets –my next post will talk more about it!

Tegalalang Rice Terraces, a 30 minute drive from the heart of Ubud was absolutely scenic and had a lot of cafes to sit down and just stare at this beautiful site.
An Eat. Pray. Love. moment along the main road of Ubud, Jalan Raya, looking at this slopping property with a river flowing below it.
Rice farmer in Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Watching the sun fall and catching the spirit of good luck from herons in a small Balinese town.
Coffee and tea tasting at Teba Sari Coffee Plantation
Showing us how to brew Luwak Coffee
Temple entrance of the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan


Hindu God, Ganesha, if I am not mistaken.
Looking at the beautiful twin lakes of Bali, Danau Tambligan and Danau Buyan
Jewellery factory of Angel to Angel Silver Company
Batuan Temple


Balinese handicrafts is a must to see
Hiked down to the Tegenungan Falls


Rustic forest beauty
I felt as if I was in a Tarzan film
Feel in love with Banyan trees
One of the 600+ keepers of the Sacred Monkey Forest
Ubud Palace
At Dasa Vayu for palm reading and spiritual healing
Offerings and rituals
Known as the floating temple
Painting of Batik

Hoped you liked my little photo diary of what I got up to during my stay in Ubud, Bali!

** All photos were taken with a Sony A6000*

Bali video on VIMEO

New few Bali posts will be a House Tour and a more chatty highlights post!

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Project Plant Parenthood

I know this looks really random seeing a gardening post on my BEAUTY blog. But I just felt like sharing my plant story because its one of the best and most existing projects I have started this year.

This probably such a granny thing to say but I am such a proud plant owner. I started Project Plant Parenthood last July with just a few crops to plant but when you see them grow stronger and taller, it starts to get addicting. The satisfaction you get when you see a seedling sprout of the soil is just so heartwarming.

From July till now, I have planted so many kinds of vegetables that I can go on and on(Kale, Rocket, Salvia, Cherry Tomatoes, Pomodoro Tomatoes, Garbanzos, Okra, Pechay, Avocado, White Radish, Eggplant, Limoncello Lemons and Basil) Buy planting these it really does take a huge chunk out of our grocery list because we could just grab some from our own garden. And not to mention, but these are all organically grown, in a sense that the seeds I planted weren’t genetically modified and not sprays were used, just natural fertilizer like bagasse.

IMG_3720 copy
Cherry Tomato plants
Cherry Tomatoes

I bought most of my seeds in a coop in Florence, Italy. These seeds are now about 2 meters tall–as of Mid-November 2015. And we tied them to the window grill so it just grows naturally on the grill. When the tomatoes are a bit ripe, you can basically just grab them and take a bite!

Ripe Cherry Tomatoes


It was kind of hard to find a space to grow White Radish in my garden without ruining my mom’s garden landscape. So we planted it in such a way that it was hiding behind the foliage but still being accessible to maintain.


My Basil leaves are HUGE! Its about the size of half my hand. And did I mention that it smells so good? I love that I can just pick some leaves from my plant and use it to cook my meals.


This Okra plant was the fastest plant the grew in my observation and it is also one of the biggest that I have grown. Right now, we harvest Okra everyday. And they say that it is so much better than the store bought ones because it isn’t chewy or over grown.

Are you a proud plant mother as well? Tell me your story!

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