You Vs.Society | Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


I know.. We are only human. Even if we don’t intend to, we compare our lives and ourselves to others. It’s become involuntary. I sometimes find myself wondering why I don’t have the same pear shaped body as so and so does or why don’t I have such an interesting job that flies me to places like this person. But on the other hand, we also compare ourselves to others to make ourselves feels better too like “Thank God I am not in her situation.” 

Truth be told, it has become so easy lately to get wrapped up in the lives of people when our world revolves around the internet and social media. *guilty* From flawless selfies to galavanting around exotic streets around the world, we see a split second of someone’s life and we then start to think that they have it all together. We then spend time trying to be more like them because we think by doing that, it’ll make us happy. It won’t.

Lets not confuse comparison with inspiration. Well, its pretty normal to be inspired by things we see and people we meet, but when that inspiration turns into comparison, by putting ourselves down and beating ourselves up because we aren’t this ‘ideal’, its not being inspired anymore.

I want you, yes you, to know that you are good enough. And you are worthy of things you do not yet have but will come in the right time. There will always be people who will have more or less than you, who are better or worse than you at something, or who have things that you wish you had or glad you hadn’t. There is no point to compare your life to another, because each life is unique in its own way. Our feats, our struggles are our own and remember those things are what we should be proud of.

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is who you were yesterday and who you are today.


**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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What Christmas Is All About | Tis The Season


Hi there!

This won’t a beauty or lifestyle post that you might be expecting, but a yuletide greeting for all of my readers to have a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2017!

May this season teach us to be thankful for the blessings that Jesus(or your own personal God) has showered upon you and around you.

Take this break to love your loved ones and be loved in return.



My Best Friend Does My Makeup Video


Hey hey! Instead of having the standard makeup or favorite what its post, I filmed an amusing video of my best friend, Rina applying makeup on me!, link HERE!

So before you watch this video, you must know that I have known Rina since I was 9 years old. So I have known her for almost 13 years!! Crazy, right? You have to know Rina is no makeup expert–neither am I!. So don’t go hatin’! She is the type of girl who is delightfully contented with just  using her essential products on the daily. She is more low maintenance compared to me when it comes to makeup! Did I forget that she is a laugh? Yup!

Just incase you missed that I had a video for this, link HERE!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

Everyday Makeup Look Video

Bali video on VIMEO

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