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Ahhhhh! Today is finally the day that we talk abut my most favorite room, THE BEDROOM, every introvert’s(me) safe haven. Cozy bedrooms have a special place in my heart because it is the room in a home wherein people reflect, relax and rest in. I think that your bedroom can easily reflect your personality and style all into one, depending how you use items and set them up.

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When I think of an ideal bedroom, three things come to mind. Light. Texture. And Pantone shades. Keep in mind that everyone’s preference is different. I personally love to have natural light coming in my room at all times because it generally brightens up my room(duh) and my mood too! 

A room with a variation of textures can help absorb a lot of sound. Especially if your room has huge windows or includes a curtain wall of some sort. And of course, it makes your room extra cozy.

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Say goodbye to RGB tones because the future is Pantone! True story! Pantone shades are attractive, easy on the eyes and come in all types of colours, so it can be pretty easy for you to find your favorite.

An element that I like in the photo above, is that they added a furr element to a very rigid set. The texture softens(literally & aesthetically) the space and adds a tad bit of warmth. Although I wouldn’t recommend furr to my asthmatic readers! Tread carefully!

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This has got to be my fave photo of this bedroom series. I love the balance of cool and warm tones. I like how the designer focused a lot of the detail on the foreground(floor) with the aztec-esque rug and also comes in as a functional piece because no one wants to step on a cold surface when they wake up.

I am all for neutral shades and the two pieces that I would love to have in my own bedroom would be the bench and the bed itself because the tones make it really easy to mix, match and play with color & patterns. As you can see above, the designer played with the pillows and also had subtle touches of aztec design to it.

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The last staple piece that is a MUST in my bedroom is a comfy throw blanket that is always by my side when I binge on some Netflix during the weekends or have breakfast in bed(SHH).

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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Eyewear Made Easy by OTTICA


I need to have three major components in my life that keep me afloat. These three are sleep, food and my eyeglasses. I have mentioned before that I have been wearing eyeglasses every since I was about 5 years old due to stigmatism and what not. So you can just imagine how many specs I have ruined, grew out of and just fell out of love with in the past 18 years(long time).

When OTTICA first reached out to me and offered a generous deal. I was ecstatic! I am still not used to people giving me free things(I don’t think I ever will). OTTICA is an online eyewear company that caters to literally every need an eyeglass wearer needs, from A to Z. But i’ll get to that in a bit.


They carry household brands that are loved by many like Ray Ban, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Versace, to name a few. When ordering a pair, you can get them with no prescription, distance (single vision), reading (single vision), progressives (smooth transitions for all distances; I have this for my everyday eyewear) and bifocals (reading and distance). See I told you they do everything. But wait, there is more.

So when it came to what I wanted to get, I was thinking of getting a pair of specs but wasn’t too sure. I wanted something classic, a piece that will grow old with me(don’t want to grow old though), versatile, not too dressy and of course, the basic biatch I am, I wanted it to be casual. So after much thought and convincing, I decided to get a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters in Tortoise. Here are the rest of the Ray Bans that they carry, link here!


When you order from OTTICA, they give you options for your decided thickness of your lenses. They have three options. They come in thin air (+2.00–2.00), advanced thin (25% lighter than normal lenses) and ultra thin (35% lighter than normal lenses).

At OTTICA, when you order a pair of sunglasses, you can upgrade your lenses to tinted shades (they come in Gray, Brown and Green; comes with purchase), polarized lenses (reduces glare) and Mirrored (comes in 5 shades; Red, Blue, Gold, Green and Silver).

When I placed my order, I was told that my package will come in 10-14 business days, which is about 3 weeks. I didn’t really mind since I knew that it was coming from overseas. I then got a text from a courier that it was arriving on June 6. I even prepared the 5% tax they usually ask for upon international delivery. But I guess that the tax fee came with the delivery charge, which was $25USD. 


To my surprise, it arrived on a Thursday, not even a week since I ordered it. Now that’s service!

Did I mention that every purchase comes with a 365 day warranty or your money back! With free shipping and returns! OTTICA literally does all the stops!

**Photos by Carina Sala and Trifina S. Sibulo**

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Pinterest Picks | Dining

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Hey there! Welcome to my second installment of my new monthly segment that are my“Pinterest Picks!”. If you haven’t got the word on this little addition to my blog, check out my first post about this, here! And follow me on Pinterest too! HERE!

This post will be all about the dining room, area or whatever you all call it. But on thing is for sure, is that we all do one thing here and it is EATING! I think a dining space in a home is SO important. It allows families’ to spend time together out of their busy schedules and forces them to sit down and bond. And of course enjoy a good meal together. 


I am personally a huge fan of the bohemian/contemporary/earthy design theme. Its easy on the eyes, simple to add in color, whenever and wherever, but also pretty easy to maintain. This design ‘aesthetic’ includes a lot of plants, woody tones and natural material. For example, the photo above shows a hanging hexagonal ceiling lamp in woven rattan and an abaca rug.


Like I said previously, with the use of earthy tones as your base, it is so much easier to add a pop of color whether it be pantone or color blocking-esque. Oh and I love this open concept of a living and dining space. You can tell from the photo above that the space is pretty tiny but they really maximized the space to make everything fit!


This type of dining seating area would work perfectly for long living spaces, plus, I think it would come in useful when you have extra guests coming to stay at your place too! I love the use of the solid would top as a dining table. Its natural form was untouched and the grain is still in good shape! Please also notice how nice the light mustard blends in with the whole set up!


Mixing and matching dining chairs are seriously one of my dining area goals! It makes the dining space feel more laid back and casual. I especially love that the designer in the photo above chose shades of blue and purple to blend in with the light Mahogany finish of the dining table. and the ceiling lamps.


Another key element in a dining space has to definitely be a statement ceiling piece. Preferably something that gives a warm light effect. These lamps can either be semi transparent or something that pins straight down. Find what works best in your space! Although the piece doesn’t have to specifically shout out ‘Notice Me!’, but it has to have certain features in it that make it different for the other pieces in the room. 

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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