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I seriously love the fact that in today’s day in age, we don’t actually need cable to watch our favorite shows. Since us millennials usually rely on social media to get the latest scoop or news in general. With all this technology now, an easy and affordable internet subscription is literally all you need, whether in be Netflix, iFlix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I am a Netflix user and these are a few of my favorite documentaries that you can easily click through over there!

Chef’s Table | If you are into degustation and seeing how these fancy restaurants come up with their out of this world dishes, this might be your TV show. Although not as casual as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown or No Resevations, but it is still worth a watch! Tip: probably not the best idea to watch this before you head to bed for obvious reasons…

Abstract The Art of Design | The art and design bug in me just bursted for joy when I heard about this series coming out! Its shows literally art in all shapes and forms, with the master’s behind it. This documentary just shows that there is definitely more than meets the eye and so SO much though is put in creating an art form or anything for that matter.

The People Versus O.J. Simpson | As a self-proclaimed Kardashian fan, I was more inclined to watch this because Kim K’s dad is one of the main stars on this film. But in all seriousness, I just wanted to be more informed of one of the biggest crime stories. ever. 

Tales By Light | I was instantly hooked on to this series as soon as I watched the 1st episode. This documentary is a perfect mix of beautiful cinematography, travel and nature. The directors/photographers/filmmakers captured their surroundings so beautifully. It will seriously be a feast for your eyes if you are into good film making and travel photography.

Metropolis | If you are interested on how our great ancient cities were made, down to the government, infrastructure, transportation and architecture. This might be your fave documentary! Each episode tells a story of a different city, even of city that date from Before Christ! Crazy! Go watch!

Twinsters | Of all the documentaries on this list, this has got to be the one that got me crying like a baby! A story of twin sisters separated at adoption and how they find their way back to each other. It makes me wish I had a sister! 😥

Cowspiracy | It has been over a year now that I have decided to give up red meat (pork, beef, lamb, etc.) Naturally, at first, I was feeling uneasy about the decision I made. But after watching Before The Flood and Cowspiracy, it gave me more reasons to continue to give up those types of meat. It shows what kind of impact humans have on the world. Powerful stuff.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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Pinterest Picks | The Kitchen


Welcome to my first instalment of my “Pinterest Picks” series! 

I plan to post something interior, architecture and urbanism inspired every first of each month! Since I have mentioned before, that I am a practicing (working) architect by day and truly enjoy perusing around the internet for anything innovative, space spacing and tasteful. This also gives me the chance to open up my Pinterest account to my readers!

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So I chose “The Kitchen” as my first area of discussion just because I feel that in my household, the kitchen is where I have a lot of fond memories, eating(duh), secretly eating(tru tho) and learning how to cook. I come from a family of AMAZING cooks and sharing recipes and sending goodies to each other to taste are just one of the few things we love to do for each other in my family.


Whenever I am put to a task of designing spaces, I always like working with a lot of white surfaces and backgrounds. Not only because it makes the space look more clean but also allows you to play with some color when designing. 

When working with white in an interior space, it makes it easier to add a pop of color  and texture as shown below to avoid the glare a bit because too much white can look a bit much at times. The light moss and wood easily balance out the glare of the room and look especially nice tied together with the matte marble counter top.


An area of the kitchen that I ALWAYS look into is the black splash. Right now, I love the idea of a subway tile backsplash with white grouting or maybe hexagonal tiles? They are so easy to tie together with pale or pantone shades as cupboards and solid surface countertops. 


Aside from loving the old and rustic warehouse charm, adding a kitchen with white as a base helps brighten up a somewhat preloved space and make it look brand new! I love her the designer of this space just used 3 key elements, white, rustic charm and copper. You never need too many elements to make a space WORK but just a manageable few to balance everything out. Ceiling drop lights also look perfect when point down at a certain thing. As for this photo above, it focuses on the sink.

When it comes to kitchen shelving, I really admire the idea of having open shelving. It allows the user to actually see what they already have, avoid buying more than they need and it just makes it so much easier to find things, to be honest. I love how they used reclaimed wood as shelves! It blends so well with the Italian marble(i’m assuming) and dark green cabinetry. 


As for floors, I wouldn’t recommend any porous or cloth type material that’ll easily stain especially near the sink and stove! If you would still want a wood finish without the hassle, there are so much options for synthetic wood planks that look so real in the market that don’t need the extra TLC that real wood needs.

I hope you liked my first try on this “Pinterest Picks” series!

Can you guess what room will be next? Check back on June 1st!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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Bailey Nelson Colter Specs in Black Horn | Product Review


I don’t think I have ever mentioned this in any blog post of mine, but I have been an avid eyeglass wearer since I was about 5 years old, not by choice though! Now that I am 22 years old(almost 23), I have tried quite a lot of designs of specs in all those 17 years!

Upon my trip to Australia, I was already planning to get a pair from the brand, Bailey Nelson because of the different acetate finishes they offer. But I was a bit torn on getting either specs or sunnies. I then decided to get a pair of specs because it was more practical and I was sure that it would come to good use.


After around 4-6 trips of going to Bailey Nelson in Melbourne and Sydney, and after trying literally every pair of specs and sunnies in the shops, I FINALLY decided on what pair I should get! I got the Colter Specs in Black Horn(cheers). 

Since I usually have 2 pairs of specs of the same grade, I usually prefer to have them in different styles, so I can use any of them depending on my outfit or mood. Before I picked this up, I already had a pair from Jonathan & Miller(this exact design) and I already had a few pairs that were a brown tortoise, so I didn’t want to pick another one just like that.


I chose the Colter Specs in Black Horn for its unique design. To some, it can just look like the regular all black specs you see in all optical shops. But if you look closely, there is an angle on the top part of the frame that frames your face in a unique way and the design of the acetate isn’t the regular black or brown, but a gray to black linear finish. 

Plus, I felt that these frames would make me look smart(er) when working and dealing with clients! 

I’d like to also add that the service at Bailey Nelson was really impeccable. Their staff were so nice and accommodating, addressing my spec concerns(because I have a few) and helping me find the perfect frame. I specifically got these frames at the branch in Pitt Street, Sydney.



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