Bailey Nelson Colter Specs in Black Horn | Product Review


I don’t think I have ever mentioned this in any blog post of mine, but I have been an avid eyeglass wearer since I was about 5 years old, not by choice though! Now that I am 22 years old(almost 23), I have tried quite a lot of designs of specs in all those 17 years!

Upon my trip to Australia, I was already planning to get a pair from the brand, Bailey Nelson because of the different acetate finishes they offer. But I was a bit torn on getting either specs or sunnies. I then decided to get a pair of specs because it was more practical and I was sure that it would come to good use.


After around 4-6 trips of going to Bailey Nelson in Melbourne and Sydney, and after trying literally every pair of specs and sunnies in the shops, I FINALLY decided on what pair I should get! I got the Colter Specs in Black Horn(cheers). 

Since I usually have 2 pairs of specs of the same grade, I usually prefer to have them in different styles, so I can use any of them depending on my outfit or mood. Before I picked this up, I already had a pair from Jonathan & Miller(this exact design) and I already had a few pairs that were a brown tortoise, so I didn’t want to pick another one just like that.


I chose the Colter Specs in Black Horn for its unique design. To some, it can just look like the regular all black specs you see in all optical shops. But if you look closely, there is an angle on the top part of the frame that frames your face in a unique way and the design of the acetate isn’t the regular black or brown, but a gray to black linear finish. 

Plus, I felt that these frames would make me look smart(er) when working and dealing with clients! 

I’d like to also add that the service at Bailey Nelson was really impeccable. Their staff were so nice and accommodating, addressing my spec concerns(because I have a few) and helping me find the perfect frame. I specifically got these frames at the branch in Pitt Street, Sydney.



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September Favorites | kikki.K Haul


This post might look a bit funny to you, my regular readers. But I was just so giddy with my purchase earlier today that I just had to write about my kikki.K and my haul! I have actually mentioned this brand in one of my previous favorites’ blog posts, link HERE!

Kikki.K is a stationary and gift brand that I first heard about while travelling Australia years ago. I know sometimes you might think these shops just sell some useless stuff but I honestly think that this shop is absolutely beautiful. I literally want to buy everything when I enter the shop. And they definitely aren’t useless.

The A5 Tiered Notepad was actually a panic buy at the cashier til because it caught my eye and I thought it was simply the cutest! Plus, I thought it would look especially good on my desk as I plan what to do for my week!

The Gratitude Journal was something I have wanted for a while because I have been hearing about 5 year journals and happiness projects but I felt that there was too much commitment. So I got this journal instead, to remind myself on what to be thankful for everyday even if it is just the little things. 🙂

Thank You Cards have been my thing for a long time since I enjoy sending letters and post cards to my friends whenever I travel instead of giving tacky tourist keychains. I especially liked this type of design because it was minimal and it was GOLD. Plus, it is always good to have thank you cards in stock for when you need them, and you eventually will!


**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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Villa Nyoman | Bali House Tour

For this trip I was in charge with booking our stay since I am the most particular and obsessive compulsive girl out of the whole group. Initially we were looking into staying in a hotel but instead we chose to book an Airbnb for more reasons than one. We felt that we had more freedom to be as loud as we want, more choices when it comes to our meals, so we could even cook our own meals and have a lot more privacy.

This private cottage that we booked had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, a terrace and a pool.

The front porch of the villa. Our front door was the sliding door that opened to the dining and living room.
Our outdoor sofa was mostly used to rest after coming home from a long day!

Okay so this post can’t be all about the ups of this villa because there honestly were some downs but when weighed in together, our total stay here was oh so lovely!

The reviews on line did not mention that this villa was a bit of a walk down the main road of Jalan Bisma. I wouldn’t suggest this location to elderly couples or groups because they would definitely have a hard time going up and down the steps to reach this villa. Although we experienced some construction scaffolding hazards along the walk path on some nights, it was definitely worth it when we arrived at the villa.  

We were so lucky that our Airbnb host was so kind of give us a few kitchen necessities like water, plates, utensils and spices for whenever we wanted to cook.
The house also came equipped with cable TV, which we never opened since we were always busy swimming or galavanting around town!
Our living, dining and kitchen set-up
The master bedroom is what totally sold this to me since it was very spacious and bright. The master bed was quite big. SO big that my friend and I never even accidentally hit each other while sleeping.
The master bedroom fit 3 of us very comfortably with our suitcases lying around and I think this room would even fit 2 more people on the floor! The room was that big!
We giggled when we realized that one side of our bathroom wall was all glass! We only really used the bathroom lights at night because there was free flowing natural light all day!
The master bedroom opens directly to the pool and the view of the lust forest of Ubud. It was such a beautiful site to wake up to.
Master bedroom bathroom came with plants too!
The smaller bedroom fit 2 comfortably with a double bed!
The other bedroom opened to the pool and outdoor porch as well!


The other bedroom had their own complete bathroom.
The quality that COMPLETELY sold me on this villa was this pool. We usually spent our nights here swimming, drinking and talking by the pool because of the luke warm water and the decent depth! We would always just jump in after a long HOT day of hiking and some serious shopping!
Our stay in Villa Nyoman was such a memorable experience!  

Thank you to our host Made Agus for sharing your lovely villa with us!

Airbnb: Villa Nyoman, Jalan Bisma Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia 

**All photos were taken from Airbnb profile with permission of Airbnb host**

Hope you liked this little tour of our humble abode!

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