Skin Care Empties | Saying Goodbye


There is always that sad time when you finish the last drop of foundation or the last dollop of your facial cream. Then you start to think if you should repurchase…. I am still quite figuring out which ones I should repurchase and which ones to phase out-its pretty serious haha! So apparently after almost a year of having a blog this is my very FIRST empties post. This is batch is going to be a big one since I have been collecting these for literally MONTHS! So here we go…

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser– The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was that it was fragrance free as well as, being allergy free. It was so smooth and gentle on application that I could tell that this wasn’t some low end cleanser for generic skin types. It did the job of cleansing well but not 100%, which is all right since it didn’t claim that it would do so. It also has a rich creamy texture. I would recommend this for people who have really sensitive skin.

Origins Checks and Balances– I have written a review on this product previously, link here. Basically, this cleanser has a bit of a creamy and tacky texture but after running it under water it becomes really frothy and cooling. Just relaxing….

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm– I am a HUGE fan of foot scrubs every week, I would. But I told have the time and money-SAD. Anyway, I really loved this that I used it up after 5 uses. It really helped peel out the gross hard ends of my feet. I know, TMI. But I just had to say it, we are all in this foot-gether.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle– Not a lot of my readers know this but I am a chronic nail biter. I think it streams from my anxiety and minuet things that fill some voids in my head whenever, which makes me nervous practically all the time or expect something bad to happen. That seems a bit like too much information. But anyway, this product really did help in growing my nails. But it hasn’t worked for me yet because I keep returning back to square 1-TBH.

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus– This moisturizer is definitely one of the most soothing because of its light rose scent on application. Jurlique is really known to do an ace job on their skin care. I also did a review on one of their night oils, link here.

I have a bad feeling that if I keep talking about the rest of my other empties, this post might be a tad bit long. Check back on Sunday 9AM(Philippine time) to see my make up empties.

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Maybelline Super Stay 7-Day Nail Colour | Why You’ll Love It

Not my nails!

This was my first time to try the Maybelline Super Stay 7-Day Nail Color. I am personally not an avid user of nail polish when it comes to manicures because my insufficient amount of finger nails(Post about it soon!) but I do have pedicures more often!

On application, I thought it was quite sheer on the first coat but then the 2nd coat was just enough. I also like that the color it gave was so solid and bold in a way that it would be really good to use for nail art. Oh yeah, it dries fast too! There is a clear resin formula that makes it long wearing and have gel-like finish.

I wish I got more colors! But I only got to grab the shades Surreal 635 and Mint of Life 615. I would’ve loved to get it in Deep Red and Mauve on too!

I was delightfully surprised to see that the brush was wider and more flat than the usual nail polish brushes. It was easier to manoeuvre while painting my friend’s nails in a sense that I didn’t need to move the brush as much.

What shade would you want to grab in this range?

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