How To Stay Healthy If You Don’t Have Time For The Gym


If you are a working gal like me, your only chance to work out is waking up at the crack of dawn or running to the gym straight out of work, but when six o’ clock strikes motivation is nowhere to be found! So how can a career girl/boy like yourself stay healthy?

Watch TV and…

Got a few TV series you need to catch up on? I know I do! One of my lazy, but super effective tricks to hitting two bird with one stone is exercising while watching TV. Whether you are doing some squats, leg lifts or cycling, just keep moving!

Workout From Home

Exercising at home works for a lot of people especially when they aren’t so comfortable with exercising in public yet. Trade in a Netflix show for a 30 minutes workout show or Try using the NikeFit app!

Commute To Work

If you live a few blocks away from your work, you might be better off walking the extra mile than taking the bus or the train there. Burn whatever calories you can before you are stuck sitting at your desk!

Make Working Out A Thing

Working out can easily become a time for you to catch up with your friends instead of catching up over a bottle of wine. Take a walk outside with the girls. Nature can do wonders for your quality of life!

Take The Stairs

I am SO guilty of this. I always prefer taking the lift or the escalator. Take the stairs or maybe even run up them. You can even skip some steps to add some extra workout points! You will be burning calories and toning your legs at the same time.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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What To Pack in your Gym Bag


If you’ve been keeping up with your fitness new year’s resolution, well… CONGRATULATIONS!! You are still on track to a healthier you! But if you are still getting started, you might need to know some essentials to make sure you come in the gym for different types of workouts.

First things first(I’m the realest), I stuff all my gym gear, big or small in my trusty Printed green canvas shoulder bag(which I don’t have a link to), but this is a similar one, link here!I like the whole zipper-less design to make it more versatile when I need to throw in a yoga mat or anything that can’t exactly fit in a closed bag.

Aside from taking with me a pair of rubber shoes like my Nike Zoom Pegasus sneaks, I make sure I throw in my long time favorite deodorant, the Lady Speed Stick. It has been tried and tested, its really the best!

The two things that I constantly bring in my bag even if I am not so sure if i’ll be using it are the Nike Training Gloves and my Nike Arm Band. The gloves come in handy when I do things like TRX, crossfit or basically things that have been holding a bunch of equipment. While the Arm Band comes to great use when I go on jogs because I always prefer taking my phone with me just incase! 

DSC00289When it comes to gym attire, I am not too picky when it comes to the actual apparel thats why I just like wearing my usual H&M Yoga Leggings and Sports Top. But when it comes to “support” I always like to make sure that I wear a high impact bra to keep the ladies up there!, my fave is the Nike Sports Bra (High Impact).

I don’t know if its just me, but I hate bringing huge water jugs to the gym. I see no point in bringing a 1.5L jug when you can easily fill it up at the gym if ever you run out anyway?! My 20 Oz Klean Kanteen is the best water jug I have ever had to date. It is so versatile!!! It keeps your drink iced for more than 24 hours and hot drinks for up to 8 hours. This is such a great investment! I already have two!

I am not much of a social person at the gym. I tend to focus on what I have to accomplish on that day then leave when I have finished it. To help me zone out all the overheard chitchat, I put on my Urbanears Humlan Headphones. I finally traded in my in-ear earphones for headphones because its less straining on my ears(because I also use these during my 9 hour work days), plus they are washable!

The last two things that I never fail to bring are a Generic Face Towel to wipe off all that sweat from spinning and my fave(only) fragrance, Gotas De Oro Perfume to hide my body odor after the gym!

***I know A LOT of my things are from Nike but this post is in NO WAY sponsored by them. LOL! I wish it was though!!(srsly though… Nike, my contact info is on my blog) I have a Nike depot close by so that has always been my go-to active wear store.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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How To Get Out Most Of Your Fitbit


I feel like everyone has a Fitbit now! The mobile app is one of the most downloaded apps in the app store at the moment, which just shows how functional and tech friendly the app is. It is also perfect to help you keep track of your fitness goals and just life(food and water intake too!) in general.

If you have joined the Fitbit bandwagon or waiting to receive one for your birthday in the coming months. So here is to the rest of 2017(3/4th), and with our Fitbits to help us become healthier versions of ourselves.

My first Fitbit was the classic Fitbit Flex, but now that I have the Fitbit Charge to help me track my workouts more accurately(plus it has more features!) 

Set Up Mobile Track

This really helps when you leave your Fitbit by the shower or in charge, you can still track your progress on your phone int he meantime. Its not exactly the same but its better than no progress at all!

Turn Off All-Day Sync

The “All Day Sync” forces your Fitbit to be constantly in sync with your phone, which of course can be a good thing but it isn’t really every necessary. By turning it off saves loads of battery life. I remember one time my fit bit kept dying (I had to charge it once a day)because of this automatic feature but you can always turn it off. You can manually sync your progress everyday(hassle free). To turn this off, go to Account>Device>All Day Sync Button.

Use The Dominant Hand Setting

If your Fitbit to be calculating your steps incorrectly, try putting it on your more dominant hand, which you can find in the dashboard under wrist. I personally prefer using my non dominant hand because its less annoying when I do day to day things(like writing and typing on my computer).

Customize Your Dashboard

You might be surprised by how much the Fitbit keeps track off in your day to day movements(like your heartbeat, km walked, flights of stairs climbed and more). But there are definitely some that you care more about than others. You can customize your dashboard by pressing on the ‘Edit’ button on the bottom of the dashboard. Once that’s all sorted, you are one step closer to your #FitnessGoals!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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