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Hey there! Welcome to my second installment of my new monthly segment that are my“Pinterest Picks!”. If you haven’t got the word on this little addition to my blog, check out my first post about this, here! And follow me on Pinterest too! HERE!

This post will be all about the dining room, area or whatever you all call it. But on thing is for sure, is that we all do one thing here and it is EATING! I think a dining space in a home is SO important. It allows families’ to spend time together out of their busy schedules and forces them to sit down and bond. And of course enjoy a good meal together. 


I am personally a huge fan of the bohemian/contemporary/earthy design theme. Its easy on the eyes, simple to add in color, whenever and wherever, but also pretty easy to maintain. This design ‘aesthetic’ includes a lot of plants, woody tones and natural material. For example, the photo above shows a hanging hexagonal ceiling lamp in woven rattan and an abaca rug.


Like I said previously, with the use of earthy tones as your base, it is so much easier to add a pop of color whether it be pantone or color blocking-esque. Oh and I love this open concept of a living and dining space. You can tell from the photo above that the space is pretty tiny but they really maximized the space to make everything fit!


This type of dining seating area would work perfectly for long living spaces, plus, I think it would come in useful when you have extra guests coming to stay at your place too! I love the use of the solid would top as a dining table. Its natural form was untouched and the grain is still in good shape! Please also notice how nice the light mustard blends in with the whole set up!


Mixing and matching dining chairs are seriously one of my dining area goals! It makes the dining space feel more laid back and casual. I especially love that the designer in the photo above chose shades of blue and purple to blend in with the light Mahogany finish of the dining table. and the ceiling lamps.


Another key element in a dining space has to definitely be a statement ceiling piece. Preferably something that gives a warm light effect. These lamps can either be semi transparent or something that pins straight down. Find what works best in your space! Although the piece doesn’t have to specifically shout out ‘Notice Me!’, but it has to have certain features in it that make it different for the other pieces in the room. 

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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