Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Primer Review


If you haven’t noticed yet, I am (kind of) obsessed with Tarte bases. I think this one will be my 4th(?) already. I don’t know I keep loosing count. I picked this up on my trip to Australia last year. I wasn’t really in search of anything in particular, but since I am a creature of habit, I just had to get something ‘base’ related and then I stumbled upon the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment in Light! Ugh, can I just say this just BOMB! 

I just had to pick this up because my research told me that this (bb) cream was an all in one skin care, makeup invention! It is basically a primer, moisturiser and a light foundation. 

On application, the primer is matte on the skin and spreads evenly really well. I use this on top of sunscreen, even if it already has SPF 30 in it. The more SPF, the better! I feel that I don’t really need to add another base product on top of this because it’s consistency is a bit (thick), but not like too thick. 

I prefer dotting this all over my face then spreading it with one of those tooth brush brushes(not an actual toothbrush!). I instantly felt the difference of smoothness on my skin after applying this! It definitely aids the process of makeup application!

This also holds up well through out the day. I mean, I live in a tropical country, what can actually stay in place on my face for the whole day? The struggle is real! The more important aspect is that this product doesn’t slip and slide around my face during the day. 

Did I mention that this product is Vegan?!


I wish this came in a larger packaging because right now it is only 1 oz. 😦

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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NYX Brow Pencil Review


NYX is known to be a cruelty-free brand(I hope I am correct on this?!). If you check my product directory, I haven’t tried much NYX products in my day. But I am pretty curious on how this will turn out after a few times of trying this.

I have tried a few eyebrow products in my day, so I pretty much know which ones are worth the money or a total steal, so keep reading!

My first observation of the NYX Cosmetics Automatic Eyebrow Pencil is that there isn’t any spooly on the other end?! How is this possible..? Most or almost all eyebrow pencils have spoolies to help blend the product on your brows. The worst part about this is that they think they can compensate it with a tooth brush type of brush on the other end… : (

Second, would be that the tip I find is quite wide, which makes it a bit difficult for me to draw a sharp end on my brows because my brows are sort of shaped in that way. This is just how I feel, maybe you would think differently.


So this is partly my fault, I think I got the wrong shade when I picked this up. If you can see in the photo below, the pencil came out (very) orangy on my ashy, dark blonde brows, which was a TOTAL turn off for me. I could’t even hide the fact that it wasn’t my color because it wasn’t too easy to blend with that “blender” on the other end.

So this is my take on this! Not so much of a makeup nightmare but more of a disappointment. Not everything can be perfectly crafted for you, so you’re forgiven NYX!



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Maybelline Master Sculpt | The Review


We all know how Maybelline is killing the drugstore game at the moment(& most of the time), but this has got to be the first time for me to see a sculpting palette from them! I know this came out awhile ago already but I still felt that I had to try it!

It is absolutely crazy on how much Maybelline products I have/had used these past years!(check out my product directory to actually see how many![it’s crazy!]) But none of them were ever like the Maybelline Master Sculpt in 01 Light/Medium. The photo says it all! It is definitely a sculpting product! Go figure! 

The packaging is very practical. It has a brush AND a mirror under the powder, plus, it is packed in a square box-like thing which makes it SO much easier to put in your makeup bag, much like playing Lego in your kit!


I chose the shade 01 Light/Medium because I felt that it best suits my skin tone and the contour shade wasn’t too orange(very important thing to consider). But what I was most interested was to find out how well it would hold up throughout the course of the day. 

After testing this baby for the past 3 weeks(yes, I take these product reviews quite seriously), by applying it at around 7:40am and having it on till about 8pm(I know, gross! But it had to be tested). So I would basically wear this at work the whole day with no touching up and head to spin class right after.


And to my surprise, it definitely held up till my gym session started! I was even surprised to receive a compliment from my instructor that I looked so dolled up that night! (If he only knew that I was actually doing a product review!) But I definitely didn’t expect it to last even after my gym session because it didn’t but you really can’t have it all!

But in all honestly, I highly recommend this sculpting kit to all of you! It is versatile for day & night as it is buildable for a more structured and chiseled look! I love how the sculpting shade easily blended on my cheek and around my face. Did I mention that the highlight was just great?!



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