5 Things Successful Women Do On A Friday


All successful women(not claiming that I am successful) know that a Friday night is a bit more important night compared to the other nights of the week. They don’t let the upcoming week phase them, so they make the most of their Friday, although we all know that Fridays are best time to hang out with friends and family, but if you want to be successful you won’t be running towards the nearest bar but planning for the week ahead.

Get Organized

Most successful career girl will always stick to their weekly routine, even on a Friday, even if the cocktails are calling their name. The fun will always come after work for sure, but they also know how to work on their dreams. A person looking for success will plan out her priorities for the upcoming week, whether personal or work related. Spend an hour working on your schedule for the week. This means when you are so out of energy on Monday, you have less to think about because you already scheduled it!

Keep in touch with your networks

Since Friday is all about being social, give yourself a little break by easing up on some numbers and instead turn on your network. Whether it’s clients you need to remain on good terms with or someone new who has a good reputation. Friday is a perfect day to tune in with everyone. Send a message to a friend who just got a promotion or write a friend. Networking is so vital in the working climate, so make the most out of it.

Clean up your files

From a week’s worth of hectic office life. Peers have probably dropped  by your desk with files, loose paper or upcoming projects. Friday is the best time to go through all of the files and clean/organize them all up.  

Get started on bigger projects

Of course Monday is the time to start working on your next big project. But When is the best time to plan for it? Friday of course! Plan for your next big move before you relax in reckless abandon on the weekend. Leave everything work related behind you for Saturday and Sunday!

Leave it all behind

Even the most ambitious women take breaks, and that’s what weekends are for! So make sure to give yourself a good break! I know It can be hard to let go of work sometimes, but it can wait over the weekend. Overworking yourself can sometimes make for poorly make content. When the day ends. Stop. And take a deep breathe, dish and dine with your fave people!

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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Pinterest Picks | The Bedroom

PP Template

Ahhhhh! Today is finally the day that we talk abut my most favorite room, THE BEDROOM, every introvert’s(me) safe haven. Cozy bedrooms have a special place in my heart because it is the room in a home wherein people reflect, relax and rest in. I think that your bedroom can easily reflect your personality and style all into one, depending how you use items and set them up.

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When I think of an ideal bedroom, three things come to mind. Light. Texture. And Pantone shades. Keep in mind that everyone’s preference is different. I personally love to have natural light coming in my room at all times because it generally brightens up my room(duh) and my mood too! 

A room with a variation of textures can help absorb a lot of sound. Especially if your room has huge windows or includes a curtain wall of some sort. And of course, it makes your room extra cozy.

PP bed 8

Say goodbye to RGB tones because the future is Pantone! True story! Pantone shades are attractive, easy on the eyes and come in all types of colours, so it can be pretty easy for you to find your favorite.

An element that I like in the photo above, is that they added a furr element to a very rigid set. The texture softens(literally & aesthetically) the space and adds a tad bit of warmth. Although I wouldn’t recommend furr to my asthmatic readers! Tread carefully!

PP bed 7

This has got to be my fave photo of this bedroom series. I love the balance of cool and warm tones. I like how the designer focused a lot of the detail on the foreground(floor) with the aztec-esque rug and also comes in as a functional piece because no one wants to step on a cold surface when they wake up.

I am all for neutral shades and the two pieces that I would love to have in my own bedroom would be the bench and the bed itself because the tones make it really easy to mix, match and play with color & patterns. As you can see above, the designer played with the pillows and also had subtle touches of aztec design to it.

PP bed3PP bed2







PP bed 4

The last staple piece that is a MUST in my bedroom is a comfy throw blanket that is always by my side when I binge on some Netflix during the weekends or have breakfast in bed(SHH).

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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June Favorites | Life Lately


So yet another month has passed! It feels as if I just wrote my May Favorites last week! Like I been saying these past months, life has literally been so hectic. Both in my personal life and work life. 


Thank God that June came with 2 long weekends to relax and unwind! Which makes it a great way to reconnect with family and friends in the sun. Its definitely good balance after a super packed week of gym sessions, meetings, deadlines and of course, blog writing!

I also booked a trip with some of my friends to a destination that I have been dying to visit! Which I will reveal it in the coming months!


Right now, I just want to stay focused on eating healthy, working out, absorbing as much architectural knowledge as I can and just be happy in all aspects in life. I a world full of envy, war and greed, all we need from one another is love, compassion and happiness.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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