Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Lovely | The Review


Ever since Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with their range of Liquid Lipsticks, they have been dominating the makeup world by storm, with every long wearing shade at a time.

TBH, I am going to make this review short because I am currently writing to you while getting my highlights done and the G-Ma that I am forgot to bring her eyeglasses! I am BLIND ya’ll!

I have a lot of liquid lipsticks during my time in the blogosphere. Yet I am still in the search of the next best thing.

The ABH Liquid Lipstick in Hollywood is not one I would wear everyday but definitely one I would go back to when I am feeling ‘extra’.

The shade itself is a bit too bright for my taste. I feel that it doesn’t look amazing against my skin tone too. It also makes my teeth look more yellow than usual.


I would recommend this shade to more tan people. It would blend well with warm skin tones because against my pale skin it just stands out too much. *Sad face*



**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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6 Reasons Your Foundation Isn’t Working For You

DSC03404C copy

1.) You’re using the wrong shade. Finding the right shade is like finding the right guy(char). But seriously, you will most probably not get it right in your first try. You might have to try more than 2 swatches because the last thing you want is an orange face and a white neck or vice versa.

2.) You’re using the wrong sunblock/primer. I have said this before. You ALWAYS have to put something under your foundation or else you will look like an oily mess. I personally use sunblock because I need the SPF but you really need to choose one that reacts well with your skin and meshes well.

3.) You’re not exfoliating enough. Applying a face scrub every now and again wouldn’t hurt softening and cleaning those pores of yours. It allows a smoother application of makeup. I do it twice every week, as per my dermatologist.

4.) You’re using the wrong foundation type. I always hear my friends saying, “Oh I want to get a matte foundation!” But not every foundation type will fit well with you. There are a bunch of types to choose from, which ranges from tinted moisturizer to full coverage.

5.) You’re not using the correct tools to apply it. There are three most known ways to apply foundation, makeup sponge, buffing brush(or any brush you have) and your hands(but I prefer to sanitize first). I usually use a sponge because it defuses the coverage really well compared to other tools. But do what feels right on you!

6.) You’re not using a setting powder. If you live in the Philippines or any tropical country at that, it is vital to always set your foundation with powder. It is the key to a long-lasting finish! A semi sticky face is not something you want to wear showing up to work.

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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