Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie | The Review


Let me tell you… I was actually surprised with how well this product turned out. I didn’t know much about the brand Happy Skin, all I literally knew was that it was a Filipino brand with excellent branding. Initially, I kind of had a bad notion of local beauty brands by not being so up to par with international drugstore brands, which made me not so keen on getting it in the first place. But this product really changed my mind!

The lippies on the photo above are from the Preview X Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie Set. The two shades in this box are Too Cool(nude) and Hot Stuff(dark berry). The two are very contrasting shades when put side to side but are equally lovely side by side.

When I first received this(it was a gift[add link to post]), I was already so eager to try it, so I did. And to my surprise, it was pretty darn amazing. Upon initial application, it glided smoothly on the lips very well and settled comfortably. 

What I was so WOW-ed about was that it was moisturizing and stayed on for a good amount of time, even after a meal or too. How is that even possible?! In the few times that I have worn this during the holidays, my lips never felt dry what so ever because typical matte lipsticks have that effect.



A little bird told me that Happy Skin products are made in Taiwan, Korea, but most of them are produced in Japan and packaged in the Philippines. No wonder they are such impressive products!

Too Cool is a great nude shade to have in your lippie collection! Aside from nudes being everyone’s favorite shade, it noticeably lasts pretty long on the lips! Hot Stuff reminds me of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think this one is better!

Aside from getting this on their website or at their counters in selected malls, you can readily grab this online on Zalora!

Too Cool
Hot Stuff


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Benefit High Beam Highlighter | The Review & Try-On


After my previous post about getting my glow on, link HERE. I still had the inkling to pick up the Benefit High Beam Highlighter just because I had been seeing this years before(like back in high school) in beauty counters. Plus I didn’t have a highlighter in this pink-y silver shade.

First, the packaging is weirdly convenient. It comes in an exact shape and form of a nail polish type of container. I suggest not to lather all the product on the brush for one application because a little goes a looong way. This way of packaging makes it really easy to pack, except for the fact that its glass but I am sure it is durable enough.

The actual shade of this highlighter, I find really works well with my skin tone, especially if you prefer a more silver-pink highlight instead of a more yellow toned one(try SUN BEAM if you want something in that spectrum). Okay.. Back to the main topic! I also love how the shade is very iridescent which makes it easy to wear when transitioning from day to night.


The application of this is very smooth and creamy. I like either applying some on my hand, blend it and then apply it or I just put literally 2 dots on my each of my cheek bones then blend it in a diagonal oval rotation(if you get what I mean).

I have yet to try to wear this for literally the whole day. But TBH, I am never out of the house for the whole day because I get separation anxiety with my bed(100% homebody) and I work from home. But this is definitely one of my favorite highlighters for its long lasting usability. I can imagine the wear of this in colder climates(even longer usability!)

**All photos and video were taken with a Sony A6000**

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Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream | First Impressions

IMG_5978 copy

These have lip products have been on my list for over a year now and I FINALLY have them! I don’t know why but the NYX counters here were always out of stock of these, so when I found them, I fell like I just had to snatch them.

The Nyx Soft Matter Lip Creams did live to my expectations. They had a velvet matte finish and it was very light weight. The scent of the product wasn’t strong and in fact it smelt delicious! Although I was expecting this to be long wearing especially after a meal. But it was 50% off after I had my lunch but that ‘test’ is usually a hit or a miss.

What I was surprised about this range was that, on the exterior some of the ‘nude’ shades look very muted but in reality, they are quite vivid. Vivid-ness are definitely a hit or a miss for me because some of them make my teeth look yellow and I feel that the shade Antwerp did that *sad face*.

The packaging is quite simple and I really like the applicator because it isn’t too long which allows you to have more control during application. I was kind of deceived on the shade Milan because I thought it was a pink nude but it came out more vivid on application. I would say, out of the three shades that I got, I prefer Ibiza the most, for it was more true to color from the packaging and it had blue undertones.

Even after these minor issues, I am still looking forward to purchasing more of their ‘actual’ nude shades because this product is really comfortable to wear and really at the end of the day, that is what really matters, right?

IMG_5958 copy
(L-R) Ibiza, Antwerp, Milan

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